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The «Dawn» Center, or «Christian Home of Victory, Inc.», is a not-for-profit organization, registered in the state of New York on 07-12-2002, as an evangelical rehabilitation center founded to help those who have are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs. We are a volunteer organization, with unpaid staff that is driven by enthusiasm and faith in the Power of God, ready to help everyone who are in no condition to battle their problems themselves. Unfortunately our resources are limited: without any subsidies, steady financial support, or a place to lodge those who are undergoing rehabilitation process., we began to research all possible ways of rendering assistance to the people in need, despite our limited abilities. The first logical solution is to help them check themselves into hospitals to undergo a detoxification procedure, and then to refer them to any available English-speaking Rehab Center. We established and are maintaining a close working relationship with centers like «Тeenagers» or «USARehab» which can accept only those who are fluent in English. Unfortunately we had nowhere to place the suffering addicts with no established working knowledge of the English language, and they inevitably returned to the streets and our hearts bled for them as we would eventually learn of the deaths of several of those people caused by overdose. Refusing to accept this reality we were determined to search for other ways to help the displaced addicts. Initially the recovery percentage was very low; only one program participant has completed the recovery process and received full healing. He has returned to his resident state of Colorado, where he soon married and even has bought a house of his own. He lives a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, which is an inspiration to us to continue our work.

Reconsidering the positions, we have come to the conclusion, that as alcoholism and drug addiction are real illnesses, which are even more spiritual than physical, and God alone can bring a complete and total release from these illness. Soon we came in contact with the center called «Newlife» in which a major part of the rehabilitation process is the program participants studying the Bible and reflecting on how God influences their life. This direction has immediately brought results - the success rate rose to reach almost 70%. Although a major obstacle of language remained for the recent immigrants suffering from addiction, we managed to refer one person who did not speak English, due to the fact that, at the time of his stay at the center, there were several Russian program participants who took patronage over him, helping him through the language barrier onto a successful rehabilitation process.

But the problem was still not fully resolved, despite the fact that some former addicts, recovered and restored, got married and build new healthy families. For some of them, as soon as they began to find employment and earn money independently, the desire to have an occasional social drink would return and even to turn back to using drugs. This has led us to understanding, that greater measures are needed, in addition to recovery, there needs to be a structure and personal discipline that the former addicts can exercise in their lives after the rehab center . We felt that something different needed to be established.

An idea was born to build or acquire a rehabilitation center where the spiritual and the practical can be joined, that the program participants can simultaneously work on the premises and study the Bible with practical application. This would be a fundamentally the new approach to the patients, making their stay at the center fulfilling and fully equipping then for the real life outside the center's walls. God will help them become free from their addictions, and work will strengthen them in their new drug-free life.

In the Bible, the Lord created Adam and sent him to the garden of Eden to protect it and to work there (Gen.2:15), instead of just idling in the garden's shade. The idea combining these two directions of spiritual and practical required a new approach, as it was necessary to create an environment suitable for both work and habitation. For this purpose it became necessary to acquire a location combining residential quarter and a work area, such as a farm. To accomplish this, greater capital investments are necessary, because a plot of land alone in the upstate NY area costs up to $250,000.00. Such land has been found in New York State, however the down payment is required in the amount of $65,000.00. The construction of a residential building, communications and workplaces, and subsequent monthly mortgage payments for such a place would create drastic expenses, which are beyond the capacity of our organization, until we can obtain stable funding. It will take about $400,000.00 to have the new rehabilitation center up and running, but where do we get it?

But then we must consider the cost of a human life, when God himself did not hesitate to pay the highest price imaginable for all of us - the life of the Lamb, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that God created men in His own image, yet millions of precious people are falling prey to and dying as a result of terrible addictions in the midst of indifference and scarce resources.

With God's help we were able to create this website and to turn to you for help in making a difference. We are addressing those whose families have been afflicted by addiction, as well as anyone who wants to save the lives of addicts and help in their recovery. We do not wish to feel powerless to respond to their cry and we call out to all of you for help - be merciful to these people's fate, there is a way out for them as God's amazing reality has shown. As a not-for-profit organization we have an opportunity to send you receipts for any sum of your donation, which are tax deductible for your personal or business income.

We thank in advance all those who will take part in this important and noble mission. As soon as the necessary sum will be collected for the creation of the Rehabilitation Center we will post it on our site.

Your name and the name of your business will be stated on our webpage as a corporate sponsor and we are also inviting everyone to visit the center as it will be constructed, so that you can see what your donations have helped accomplish.

Having sent the donation on specified above аddress, you can accept direct participation in life of those people, and also choose and buy, the thing necessary to you, having pressed the button located below. We thank for your understanding and participation.

May Peace and Grace of God be with you and your households.

Boris Gutman

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